OIL Sound

This blog is dedicated to delivering its readers vibrant opinions on motion pictures and curiously obscure and/or riotous songs, often from independant artists. OIL Sound is currently composed of two authors, each managing their own specialities about the site as a meager hobby. We broadcast to the web directly from Southern Ontario, Canada, and are big fans of college radio and retro NES era gaming.

Who We Are:

Amosmyn authors the music section of OIL Sound and founded the blog in 2008. He enjoys biking, spicy food and programming.

Devon H. authors the film section of OIL Sound, aptly named after him. He loves western comics with an unparalleled passion and will be studying at the University of Guelph in September 2012 with the desire to major in English. He is a former member of the Burlington Teen Tour Band and enjoys building his library.

On Film Reviews:

Film reviews on the site are authored by Devon and do not necessarially reflect the opinions of OIL Sound as a whole.

If you would like to contact Devon directly, you may email him at

On Music:

All opinions on tracks featured on OIL Sound are written by Amosmyn. We provide samples for previewing purposes, using official samples whenever possible. We previously used .mp3 source files from other websites but are working to replace them with Youtube links or copies provided by the artists for the sake of consistency (and to dodge cease and desist messages). Should any of the musicians featured have an issue with the content, we will take immediate action to remedy it. Our top priority is to the artists, and we recommend purchasing merchandise, vinyl, cds, etc. if you enjoy the content.

If you have any interest in contacting us at OIL Sound or Amosmyn, feel free to email us at