Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interview - Neurotic Mass Movement

In September, Amosmyn of Oil-Sound conducted a "open questionnaire" interview via email with Neurotic Mass Movement...
OIL-Sound: How did NMM come together?
NMM:We met in Berlin 3 years ago through mutual friends. David was doing research
for his book and I had just come out of a deal. The first song we wrote was blue skin
and we never looked back since then. This is how NEUROTIC MASS MOVEMENT
came to be.
OIL: Has the bands genre particularly evolved since its insemination?

NMM: Goth, avant-garde, experimental, post punk, electronica etc. etc. We've had
many genres thrown at us, but we are actually comfortable in all of these genres
and scenes. We feel our music and attitude touches all of these people. We make
OIL: A lot of your music appears to focus on macabre and the human condition...
NMM: We do have a tendency to be preoccupied with the hidden, unspoken and obscure. For our EP "EMPIRE OF TIN" we definitely had these conceptual themes. Each song documents a story how we perceive the other reality.
OIL: Your new single, “Tragic Machine” has been released, followed by a variety of launch parties. Will there be a physical release?

NMM: We like to think our Single  "TRAGIC MACHINE" is a dystopian, idiosyncratic montage of the sin and virtue of modern living. It is available as a free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.
OIL: Any news regarding the delayed release of your EP, “Empire of Tin”?

NMM: Our EP "EMPIRE OF TIN" will be released March 2013. We tried to create an atmosphere where there were no rules or pressure. We basically did whatever we wanted to do. In many ways the record "EMPIRE OF TIN" is out of step with whats happening with music these days and in other ways the soundtrack of a certain european neurosis coming to terms with the world as it is. 


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