Monday, April 16, 2012

Devon #13 = Cabin in the Woods

This is a movie that really shouldn't be spoiled, so let's keep this short. If you haven't seen the far too revealing trailer, then good for you. If you have seen it, don't worry. They've only ruined one small, small twist. You will still love this movie, every minute of it. Without ruining it I can say that Cabin in the Woods feels like one big, loving rant on why horror as a genre has failed as of late. It is a mix of every cliche, every character type, every manipulative and exploitative script and camera angle from modern horror. It is a fantastically written, beautifully directed send up to all the piss poor writing and directing horror fans have had to sit through. This is the anti torture porn. I cannot even tell you the genre for fear of spoilers, so I will just leave you with this: Cabin in the Woods is the most creative, most artistic, most exciting, and flat out best horror movie of the millennium. Go see it now.

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