Thursday, March 29, 2012

Devon #12 = 21 Jump Street

Wait. Wait. I promise this won't be awful. I will leave here with my credibility intact. 21 Jump Street is a very well put together, albeit fairly stupid movie.

Before we begin, something to note; a problem people are going to have with this is that the film has very  loose connections to the television show that shares its name. At least, not at first glance. Really, this is a film that should exist in its own right, and the name is only there because remakes and reboots are big right now. But, and here's where I started to really like Jump Street, the film openly addresses this within the first ten minutes. It straddles the fourth wall, and comes close to breaking the illusion of the film, but this acknowledgement works. This break down of reboots in general lets the audience really take Jump Street as its own entity, and sets the tone for how little it takes itself seriously. I'm almost tempted to call it meta. However, those first ten minutes draw me to the first real annoyance that hit me: the films opening is just the first part of the trailer, extended slightly. And it features "The Real Slim Shady" awkwardly cut for length. Grumble.

 The main relationship of the film begins here, rather abruptly, with the two main characters becoming friends after a stereotypical high school life by saying all of three lines to each other, in what's a nice, minimalist introduction to their relationship. Then the plot moves forward, with a drug ring operating out of the school, the main characters entering high school again, and jokes about how ridiculous this setup really is. Its cliche, of course, but it blends the best of party movies and 80's high school movies together, while wallowing in its R rating. no boobs though, thankfully, cause seeing 20 somethings stare at high school girls would be incredably awkward.

Combined with some great acting from Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and overall above average production values, and the whole thing comes together quite nicely. The question is, how willing are you to watch some smartly put together stupidity? Screw it, its spring, enjoy Jonah Hill in a Peter Pan outfit.

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