Thursday, February 2, 2012

Devon #11 = The Grey

I'm going to keep this short because I don't want to ruin anything but this: the film is not about Liam Neeson fighting wolves. This is a movie about faith. It is stunning, and the best movie I have seen this year. What surprised me is that other reviewers have marked down the film, seeming to have expected an action flick. I don't blame them, seeing that the directors previous work includes Narc, Smoking Aces, and The A Team, the latter two of which had a focus on action set pieces. One critic even frustratingly called the spiritual elements "filler" between wolf attacks. This is the wrong attitude though, as The Grey is by no means an action movie. Action occurs. It forces the characters into their situation. But Neeson isn't ever going to take down forty wolves with his bare fists, and the side characters aren't there as mere wolf chow. Instead, this is about men accepting fate, about family, about death, and about the fighting even when you know you will lose. Don't expect blood and guts, or a big fight scene, make that any fight scenes, and by the time the ending comes along, the one scene that some other critics seem to despise above all, you will see why this is my pic for the best film of 2012, so far. This is metaphor. This has meaning. And this has very few dead wolves. Genius.

Though, maybe I'm wrong. See this film, and decide for yourself.

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