Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FTRK #61 = "Slow Loris" by Tiger Waves

Slow Loris - Tiger Waves (2011)

Established over the internet, Tiger Waves' works surf rock like Kim Jong-Il's private boot polisher... which is to say incredibly well! Slow Loris is one such example, opening with a rich precussive intro and slowly moulding into an array of guitar ambience. The voice is almost romantic in its slow, reminiscent tone and the bass is just subtle enough to make flies shake their knees. It's a well rounded sound that finishes with a smooth, fresh aftertaste.

Slow Loris, among other wicked tracks, are available free (or with a donation) on Tiger Waves' Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Further Listening:
Official Bandcamp
Official Soundcloud

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