Thursday, September 15, 2011

FTRK #59 and #60 = "People Need People" and "Causes" by Kachkin

People Need People - Kachkin (2011)
Causes - Kachkin (2011)

People Need People is a rather glossy, reflective IDM beat hearalding from the "World of Illusions" album, available royalty free from Jamendo (see "Further Listening"). It's the sort of track that's meant to be listened to after the closing of a chapter, where it seems lifes concerns are put at ease. Well decorated with atmosphere effect pads, mute, reverse and standard drum beats and flute, the song is nothing short of a solid piece.

Causes neatly picks up where the transition from People Need People ends off. It essentially consists of the same soundfont, with a plucky piano swapping in for the flute. The most integral difference is that, from the rather contented and apathetic previous track, we experience something with a sense of purpose, seemingly in an intellectual or academic light.

Further Listening:
Kachkin on Jamendo (Royalty Free Music)
Official Bandcamp Site
Official Soundcloud

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