Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FTRK #57 and #58 = "Red Horse (Judges II)" and "The Righteous Wrath Of An Honourable Man" by Colin Stetson

Red Horse (Judges II) - Colin Stetson (2011)

The Righteous Wrath Of An Honourable Man - Colin Stetson (2011)

From the first listen the radical music of Colin Stetson, a solo baritone saxophone player, is nothing short of amazing. Even more so when the knowledge that the album New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges was recorded with no overdubs and virtually in one take. The two tracks selected for the FTRK series are both outstanding, etheral rhythms that don't just feature the deep sound the instrument is characterized by, but precussion by the keys and squeals from the reed.

"Red Horse" is, in one word, alive. It's raw, powerful and stressing. The bass keeps the tempo under control to the extent in which it seems to be dragging some servile creature down (presumably a horse). As the screeches and whines build towards the conclusion, the creature seems to grow weaker, and the bass ever so constant. Overall, it seems as description of a struggle beneath order.

"The Righteous Wrath Of An Honourable Man" is a colourful arpeggio of dreamy stature. The song is similar to "The Flight of the Bumblebee" in terms of tempo and rhythm, but much more regal and melodic. It's a gaseous, pale sound alone within the expanse of an empty corridor that seems to travel and explove its every crevace in order to act as a memorandum of sorts.


"Red Horse (Judge II) & In Love and In Justice"
Produced by The Blogotheque

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