Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FTRK #55 and #56 = "Tjære For Alltid" and "Nordland" by Binärpilot

Tjære For Alltid - Binärpilot (2010)

Nordland - Binärpilot (2010)

Binärpilot is a very talented chiptune artist, claiming to be a sentient android straight from Norway. The two featured tracks, fresh from the Nordland album, pack plenty of heat. According to Deathelectro.com's Tobias (the album cover is being leeched from his site), he is "..a master of this teknique [(Chiptune)] and therefore has a special place in my heart.".

"Alltid" features a progressive rhythm, with zippy whines and plucky arpeggio to compliment the classy bass rhythm. Each of the three components seem to have their own moments to demonstrate "solos" without interfering with the pace whilist maintaining its upbeat nature. As for "Nordland", Binärpilot entertains us with a sample of his computerized (not vocoded) voice amongst another slick bass riff and the back and forth slur of the synthesizer in a very approachable combination.

Binärpilot's entire discography is available free on his official website. Check it out!

Further Listening:
Official Website
Official MySpace

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