Thursday, August 18, 2011

Devon #3 = The External World

The External World is, well, strange. It is a bunch of random scenes tied tied together by a boy learning to play piano. Some such scenes (alliteration!) include "The frisbee of misguided parental advice", a scalpel store where you get a puppy with every purchase, a girl who gives a celebrity worm a seizure and does bad, bad things with it, the Nazi art museum, what I can only describe as a "portal cat", a crippled and bullet ridden Jesus riding his wheelchair over water (the camera travels through his head), and a retirement home for cartoon characters where an old racist stereotype dreams of freedom and equality before firefighters rush in and beat him to death with those same words while the "irony" flashes on the screen. It's nonsense really, but that's the point. as while the violence and sex may offend some, it isn't really happening, so why let it bother you? In fact, the film points out that we can't be sure that anything is real, so why get worried. It's a simple premise, and it gives the creators lots of room to show random bullcrap (scratch that, random entertaining bullcrap). It's message may be a bit overdone, in my humble opinion, but the short is really entertaining and funny, so why not give up fifteen minutes of your life. Just prepare to either think about it intensely and come up with your own meaning for it, or don't think about it at all, and just laugh at the ice cream pooping manga frog.

The external world can be found here.

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