Saturday, May 7, 2011

FTRK #42 = "croSSangle" by Valeskja Valcav

...but rather to Escape the Pain (croSSangle) - Valeskja Valcav (2011)

With possibly the most badass introduction for a dialogue sample, Valcav's latest sonic release is packed with intensity. The raw bass is like a cross between a souped up pendulum and the listening experience of a very loud concert. You can practically feel the beat slapping your chest in rapid succession as it deals out the agonized vocals and coarse distortion in well-prescribed proportions, perfect for boosting blood flow. It's alive.

Apparently the track was considered a demo for their latest release, the Valeska Valcav II EP. As such, the original song was taken down from their website; the lastest mastered version goes by the name "...but rather to Escape the Pain." and has taken its place as the available sample.

Further Listening:
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Rain of Astronauts

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