Saturday, March 12, 2011


UCMM will be a new series of promotions for unsigned or new artists with songs featured on OIL-Sound. The content will consist of any new material that catches the authors eye.

Imperial Arms

Imperial Arms (along with his pals in M12) have recently put up a website for themselves. The site is primarially in German, but is currenty being translated by Imperial. You can check it out here.


Their debut, self-titled album is available on Amazon.

One Infinite Loop

I recently found out that the artist has two Soundcloud accounts (I assume it's for the purpose of bypassing the upload limits), the one I've linked to before and this. The latter features seven more tracks, free and of promising quality.

Neurotic Mass Movement

N.M.M. will be putting out their debut EP, Aphasia, relatively soon. On that note, Blue Skin and a couple of their other demo tracks are available to download free on their facebook band page.

Valeskja Valcav

Check out Valeskja's new Bandcamp for their entire discography, or GRDRFCK, a new track off their new EP, set to be released April 23rd.

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