Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FTRK #36 = "All Mixed Up" by C.A.B. Vasquez

"All Mixed Up" - C.A.B. Vasquez (2009)
(Apparently the soundcloud no longer exists... Try this unil the issue is resolved.)

Late night, 2:00am,(or early, depending on how you take it) I specifically scouted about Soundcloud.com for a tune that would match the mellow, moonlit atmosphere. All Mixed Up fit the criteria perfectly. Riveting beats, damp synth, and frost-like reverbed rhythm moulded together like the pale moonlight against the liquid vapour held still in the sky. Or maybe it's just contageously relaxing.

Further Listening:
Official Soundcloud
Official Myspace

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  1. When I put a mix together I Try To Tell A Story Through The Music Selection...I hope I have been able to move you! ;) http://cabvasquez.podomatic.com/entry/2011-11-01T18_57_27-07_00 out


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