Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FTRK #30 = "Impossible Soul" by Sufjan Stevens

Impossible Soul - Sufjan Stevens (.mp3) (2010)

It's hard to describe in detail the sound collage that makes "Impossible Soul". It touches both calm, rippling settings and builds into passionate, epic outbursts. The beginning of this concluding track to The Age of Adz sets the tone of moonlight on a beach, soft and romantic. It moves from the appearance of a poem into a campaign for clairity and day. This passage of time settles into a void of murky sound beneath the water (the first time I've ever heard a Vocorder used in a musically asthetic situation!) before resurfacing in a cheery chorus of optomistic metaphors. At last, the chorus settles and sinks beneath the awe of the cosmos, but not without closing with an almost apologetic, acoustic mix of conversation and closing remarks.

Further Listening:
Official Bandcamp Website
Bland Official Website

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