Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FTRK #28 = "Skin Turns To Glass" by Nadja

Skin Turns To Glass - Nadja (2003, remastered in 2008)
(Sample Unavailable)

Heralding from Toronto, Nadja is an ambient, drone metal band. Synonymous with the title of the album, "Skin Turns To Glass" illustrates the process of an organic entity becoming clear, solid, and brewn from a sandstorm. The sound is like sandpaper gently rubbing against the eardrums. The vocals are similar to that of someone breathing, creating a state of meditation amidst chaos.

A sample of the track can be heard on iTunes, as no full samples were readily available.
Click Here for a hotlink to the album.

Further Listening:
Official Website
Official Bandcamp Website
Official MySpace

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