Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FTRK #33 = "Drop The Other" by Emika

Drop The Other - Emika (2011)

"Drop The Other" is a black mix of glitch and dubstep, of rich chimes, thick vocals and melodic precussion. I imagine it like a misty bog in the middle of a thunderstorm; calm and collected, formal yet malignant. The song is available on the same-titled EP, part of Emika's debut on Ninjatune.

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Emika on NinjaTune.net


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FTRK #32 = "Tokyo" by Imperial Arms

Tokyo - Imperial Arms (2011)

(Sampled from "Tokyo" by Tujiko Noriko (2003))

Imperial Arms' (a member of "M12", a group of d&b artists situated in Germany) mix of "Tokyo" is an energenic, drum & bass mix produced as a 'bedroom bootleg'. It takes advantage of the originals various detailed precussion, modifying the ambient base to create a casual, urban rhythm. Its inherent simplicity and sylph-like voice accompanyment bond to create a smoothe, down-to-earth texture. The beats mould together this laquer of sound and produce something like a bittersweet delicacy, a great way to end off the day and set your mind off things.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

FTRK #31 = "Flickermood" by Forss

(Free download available in the Soundcloud player.)

A creative, slick combination of funk and jazz sampled together into a hot bowl of delicious, "Flickermood" blows everything out of the water. Its excellent glitch-beats and sampling makes the mix well seasoned and perfect for any situation. The song comes off Forss' Soulhack album and puts itself out as one of its standout tracks.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FTRK #30 = "Impossible Soul" by Sufjan Stevens

Impossible Soul - Sufjan Stevens (.mp3) (2010)

It's hard to describe in detail the sound collage that makes "Impossible Soul". It touches both calm, rippling settings and builds into passionate, epic outbursts. The beginning of this concluding track to The Age of Adz sets the tone of moonlight on a beach, soft and romantic. It moves from the appearance of a poem into a campaign for clairity and day. This passage of time settles into a void of murky sound beneath the water (the first time I've ever heard a Vocorder used in a musically asthetic situation!) before resurfacing in a cheery chorus of optomistic metaphors. At last, the chorus settles and sinks beneath the awe of the cosmos, but not without closing with an almost apologetic, acoustic mix of conversation and closing remarks.

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Bland Official Website

FTRK #29 = "Silence" by Portishead

Silence (Wicca) - Portishead (2008)

Portishead is likely the most popular Trip-Hop band around, with good reason. Off their latest album, Third, "Silence" is a track woven of grief and subtle desire. The precussion, high strings and gradual movement of the song in general gives the feeling that the song is set in the backseat of a vehicle. The song reflects helplessness in the sense that, when the trip concludes, our words will fail to save us.

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FTRK #28 = "Skin Turns To Glass" by Nadja

Skin Turns To Glass - Nadja (2003, remastered in 2008)
(Sample Unavailable)

Heralding from Toronto, Nadja is an ambient, drone metal band. Synonymous with the title of the album, "Skin Turns To Glass" illustrates the process of an organic entity becoming clear, solid, and brewn from a sandstorm. The sound is like sandpaper gently rubbing against the eardrums. The vocals are similar to that of someone breathing, creating a state of meditation amidst chaos.

A sample of the track can be heard on iTunes, as no full samples were readily available.
Click Here for a hotlink to the album.

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Official Bandcamp Website
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