Thursday, January 6, 2011

FTRK #26 = "VI" by Desert Beneath The Pavement

VI (Do You Feel It When I Google You?) - Desert Beneath the Pavement (2011)

I heard about this band through the album cover artist, Scheinbar (on The guitar featured in the opening plays like the introduction to an indie film; raw, emotional, and reflective. Progressive, coarse, and overall, a work of art created from sound. I imagine the music as the theme song of a barren winter desert. Extreme winds and weather pick up unpredictably, and the sand and snow drifts like a fluid. Coarse, but delicate ribbons weaved by the allegro guitar, coated by the crashes of the cymbals.

This track is available on the single, "Do You Feel It When I Google You?", free on the band's MySpace page

Further Listening:
Official Myspace
Official Facebook Page

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