Saturday, January 8, 2011

FTRK #27 = "Objects" by Eskamon

Objects - Eskamon

Eskamon is a collaboration between Eskmo and Amon Tobin, two excellent iDM artists, "Objects" being the raw distillation of their work. It oozes of rhythmic, but bizzare combinations of sound. The drums and bass crunch and grind like solid candy and spill out flavour. Heck, it even sounds like someone's smacking their lips to this gorgeous deformity.

Further Listening:
Official Site
Amon Tobin's Official Website
Eskmo's Official Website

Esther's - Amon Tobin

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FTRK #26 = "VI" by Desert Beneath The Pavement

VI (Do You Feel It When I Google You?) - Desert Beneath the Pavement (2011)

I heard about this band through the album cover artist, Scheinbar (on The guitar featured in the opening plays like the introduction to an indie film; raw, emotional, and reflective. Progressive, coarse, and overall, a work of art created from sound. I imagine the music as the theme song of a barren winter desert. Extreme winds and weather pick up unpredictably, and the sand and snow drifts like a fluid. Coarse, but delicate ribbons weaved by the allegro guitar, coated by the crashes of the cymbals.

This track is available on the single, "Do You Feel It When I Google You?", free on the band's MySpace page

Further Listening:
Official Myspace
Official Facebook Page

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NWSL #5 = DMCA, and Artistic Openings

We are presently revising the layout of the blog and making a few small changes. This is mostly due in part to a recent claim by (on behalf of the DMCA) in regards to the .mp3 sample for Efterklang's Raincoats. The link has been removed from the blog, however, the .mp3 remains to be on the site that hosted it in the first place, which seems ironic to me. As a reminder, we never host music without the prior permission of the artist. Any samples are found on off-site websites.

I also have the opprotunity to recieve an email from Killwave, and they have offered us an exclusive sample of "Kill the King", which previously was unavailable in the post due to it being a private track. You can now listen to the song HERE.

You may be wondering whether or not we will be featuring a "Best of 2010" list or something of the like. Unfortunately, we lack enough material to provide a media list. With more authors and/or more posts, this may become a possibility in the future. Until then, we provide you with the top five most popular posts:

STRK #3 = "Kill The King" by Killwave (46 Visits)
FTRK #3 = "Rain of Astronauts" by Valeskja Valcav (32 Visits)
FTRK #11 = "Bangers and Mash" by Radiohead (18 Visits)
STRK #4 = "Raincoats" by Efterklang (11 Visits)
FTRK #9 = "Snakes" by One Infinite Loop (11 Visits)

We have also reached a total of 664 views as of now. Thanks for visiting.

We are looking for new authors for our blog. If you have a knack for finding new, refined, raw, or experimental music, we could really use your help to develop our blog.

Contact us at for inquiries, comments, or suggestions at any time.

FTRK #25 - "Negative Thinking" by The Death Set

Negative Thinking - The Death Set (2008)

The Death Set is a wild alternative rock band from Australia. They've got a very casual, optimistic sound, colourfully expressed in "Negative Thinking". The precussion makes a steady beat as the guitar leads through the bright sound. Johnny sings with a slight distortion, much alike the voices of the radio. The track comes off their debut album, Worldwide, and stands out as one of its most prominent tracks.


Further Listening:
Official Website
Official MySpace Page
The Death Set on Twitter