Saturday, October 30, 2010

FTRK #22 = "Lotus" by One Infinite Loop

Lotus - One Infinite Loop (2010) (Download available in Soundcloud player)

One Infinite Loop has done a bit of a transformation. Rather than the minimalistic style previously featured on Oil Sound, we hear a much more IDM/Dubstep styled sound. There's atmosphere, the electrostatic-like precussion, and wavery synth. The result of a month's work since the previous set, Eden, features this track amongst other airy but intense jams, all of which are free to download directly from the soundcloud website.

Further Listening:
Official Soundcloud Website

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FTRK #21 = "Everything Goes to Hell" by Tom Waits

Everything Goes to Hell (2002) (Download .mp3)

Everything Goes to Hell is a dark, jazzy track off of the Blood Money album. Its filled with lyrics of disregard, alluring saxophone and a passionate timpani. In some ways its romantic, in others it's distrustful, but it's all put together in a underground New Yorker fashion. Best of all, its ridiculously different in tone than his earier works; much murkier than Closing Time, but more modern than Rain Dogs.

Further Listening:
Official Website
Unofficial Tom Waits Library

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"Goin' Out West"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

FTRK #20 = "Insects" by Woodsman

Insects - Woodsman (2010)(Download .mp3)

Rippled with delay, Insects is a track off Woodsman's latest album Rare Forms. It's on par with the Flaming Lips' Embryonic in terms of instrumental tone, and is complimented with its vocalists keen ability to mould with the music. The guitar is alike chlorophyll, absorbing a delicate sound in waves, and just as simply as the song began, it fades away.

Further Listening:
Official Myspace Page

The Flaming Lips

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FTRK #19 = "Klavierstück IX" by Karlheinz Stockhausen (Performed by Patricia Von Blumröder)

Klavierstück IX - Karlheinz Stockhausen (1962,1995)
(As performed by Patricia Von Blumröder, translates from German to "Piano Piece 9")

I personally feel that my insight in terms of the musical structure will not do justice for the music, because it literally takes a musical genius to interpret it fully. The song is not made to follow musical tradition, and certainly will turn away the ears of those just looking for a "solid jam". However, out of my personal interest in the music...

Klavierstück IX is a contemporary, experimental song, performed on piano. It passes through stages of 142/8, 87/8, 42/8, and 32/8 time signatures, with blunt chords, bleak arpeggis, and soft tones, which mould together beautifully to create an atmosphere of a tragety. Restlessness, the sound of mice moving across the floor, the feeling of resentment after an error gradually developing, but not necessarially building in intensity. A depiction of such an emotional feeling is difficult to grasp, yet is done so with Stockhausen's velvet-like composition.

Further Listening:
The Klavierstück Series on Wikipedia

Experimental Classical Music or Doom Metal

FTRK #18 = "Doomsday Device" by Warsawpack

Doomsday Device - Warsawpack

Warsawpack of Hamilton, Ontario, is a fairly unknown band. Previously signed to "G7 Welcoming Committee Records", the band put out two LP's before shutting down due to a lack of income. Hailing from the album Gross Domestic Product, Doomsday Device is a relaxed, political song. With roots built from jazz, hip-hop, blues and rock, Warsawpack develops the song with an unusual mix of flute, wax scratch, and acoustic guitar, not to mention the unconventional style of vocals. Reminds me of the pollen of a flower.

Further Listening:
Official G7 Website

Hawksley Workman, Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

FTRK #17 = "Moth" by Burial and Four Tet

Moth - Burial / Four Tet (2009)(Download .mp3)

Moth is the result of a collaboration between two dubstep kings, Burial and Four Tet. The slow, ambient introduction eventually greets a fuzzy synth beat. Mice clicks can be heard amongst the bleeps and bloops. The precussion is well managed, and the resulting sound is very relaxed. The single, Moth / Wolf Club is very hard to come by, being released on a limited run of vinyl, but it's sure worth the wax.

Further Listening:
Four Tet Official Site
Burial Official Myspace

Their individual works, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Thom Yorke

FTRK #16 = "Pedestal" by Portishead

Pedestal - Portishead (1994)(Download .mp3)

The nonchalant sound of the drumkit and the soft voice of Beth Gibbons couple together well in this resonant track, featured on Dummy, their debut album. The song also features a gorgeous saxophone riff, spliced into the depths of the sound. The cymbal ripples like the surface of a murky liquid slowly oxidizing into the misty atmosphere the song illustrates.

Futher Listening:
Official Website
Myspace Page

Burial, Radiohead, Amon Tobin

Monday, October 11, 2010

NWSL #4 = Recent News

Well, we haven't been updating nearly as frequently as before, but we're still alive. All old posts have been updated to be uniform with recent posts, and wherever possible, we have offered listenable .mp3 tracks. As of now, we have hit 300 pageviews, sourced primarially from North America, as well as the U.K., Sweeden, and South Korea. I've even had the chance to talk to one of the artists.

Thanks for listening!

STRK #3 = "Kill The King" by Killwave

Kill the King - Killwave (Download .mp3)
Sample provided by the artist.

The beat that covers the intro to Kill the King (from their self-titled album) is resonant and similar to the sound of melting ice. It's easy to feel a chill from this song; the vocals are polar but passionate, the precussion is steady, and there's a classy synth sound. The group is very similar to She Wants Revenge, in all aspects of sound, and helps define the New Wave genre.

Track recieved from Killwavetheband v.i.a.

Further Listening:
Official Blogspot Website
Soundcloud Website
Myspace Page

She Wants Revenge

Friday, October 8, 2010

FTRK #15 = "Revival" by Deerhunter

Revival - Deerhunter (2010) (Download .mp3)

Halcyon Digest, the source of Revival, seems to be the best morning album to chill to. Revival, in particular, is a standout track. You can almost taste the fresh air of a cool morning with the mix of strings, precussion, and the sound of Bradford Cox's own breath. Reeeelaaxxing~

The song was released free from VIA official email as a DIY single.

Further Listening:
Official Blogspot Page

Radiohead, Early Coldplay

Sunday, October 3, 2010

FTRK #14 = "2 Forms Of Anger" by Brian Eno

2 Forms Of Anger - Brian Eno (2010)

This song is loaded with dense tones. Insects eat away at a dark and convulsive rhythm, constantly redoubling its pressure. A typically expansive soundscape by Brian Eno, one of the worlds most well known producers and talents in the ambient genre of music. Clearly, his musical orientation has evolved since his roots in the alternative genre of rock. The song will be released in the forthcoming Small Craft on a Milk Sea, with it's astounding collector's edition already sold out.

Further Listening:
Warp Records (Soundcloud host account)
Official Website

Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Burial

Friday, October 1, 2010

FTRK #13 = "Almost Human" by Voltaire

Almost Human - Voltaire (2000) (Download .mp3)

Voltaire's quite the charater. He's made dozens of songs for Catroon Network and made an E.P. dedicated to parodying Star Trek. Listening to this track exposes a bit of his character. Part romantic, part sarcastic, the vocals with their various tones make a unique combination with the violin accompanyment. But it all works out, right?

The track is available on the same-titled album, Almost Human.

Further Listening:
Official Website