Wednesday, September 22, 2010

STRK #2 = "Cog Off" by Tetris Hold'Em

Cog Off - Tetris Hold'Em (2006) (Download .mp3)

Essentually on the same path as the previous featured track, Tetris Hold'Em works with two Gameboy Advanced SP's, Drummachine, and a program called Nano 2.1/2.2. Generally, their best tracks have only been performed live. However, they still have several gems such as Cog Off on their disjointed album, The Classics. The track is an 8-bit iDM psychadelic trip, fast paced and complex. A true headbanger.

Further Listening:
Official 8bitcollective Page
Official MySpace Page

Reccomendations: One Infinite Loop, Aphex Twin

Band suggested by "Big Brother"

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