Monday, September 13, 2010

FTRK #5 = "Blue Skin" by Neurotic Mass Movement

Blue Skin - Neurotic Mass Movement (2008)

Blue Skin is a downcast, alternative rock song, one of three songs publicly released by Neurotic Mass Movement. It sounds similar to The Cure in their more downcast recordings, featuring soft but formal vocals. The guitar riff seems to draw in a dense fog looking over a lake. When I hear this, I feel as if I'm walking down a boardwalk in fall, and with the added mist, a cloud of thoughts and recollections.

Official Video by Fritz Stolberg, 2008.

Neurotic Mass Movement recently published a webcast of a conceptual album being recorded in studio. It's excellent, passionate, etc...
Check it out!

Further Listening:
Official Blogspot Website
Official MySpace Website

Recommended: Portishead.

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