Sunday, September 12, 2010

FTRK #3 = "Rain Of Astronauts" by Valeskja Valcav

Rain of Astronauts - Valeskja Valcav (2010)

Valeskja Valcav is a fairly new goth-industrial band originating in France. Rain of Astronauts (from their EP, Rosa Winkel) Is glazed with a layer of dissonant synth, seemingly being pulled apart by the course vocals. The depth the song seems to create a sense of gravity and depth in a compelling manner, and the second voice of synth illustrates the image of meteors (Astronauts? A space shuttle?) burning up while entering a foreign atmosphere. The band has recently been featured on Altered Zones, a subsidiary of

Further Listening:
Valeskja Valcav on MySpace
Altered Zones

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