Sunday, September 12, 2010

FTRK #2 = "Goin' Out West" by Tom Waits

Goin' Out West - Tom Waits (1992) (Download .mp3)

Released back in 1992 on the Bone Machine album, the song is Tom's experiment in the "rock" genre. You can basically sum up the song with the word "Testosterone". That said, it certainly would be a great song to hit the road with. It opens with cool riff you'd expect out of a western scene. The entrance of the precussion illustrates the pub scene during business hours and who could it be but the local bigshot walking in? With his raspy, but textured voice, Tom delivers the soundtrack for dangerous men with "the devil on a leash".

Official Music Video by Jesse Dylan, 1992.

Further Listening:

Recommended: Nick Cave.

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