Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FTRK #12 = "See the Sea (Red)" by Vitalic

See the Sea (Red) - Vitalic (2009) (Download .mp3)

I picked up this song while browsing Cactus' blog, the site of what I believe to be the best independant game designer. Interested in his "tastes", I decided to pick up one of his most recent postings. See the Sea (Red) (from the Flashmob album) is a bass-heavy electronica tune, with a sound somewhat similar to Justice. The trilled synth seems to ripple away from the force of the bass, and the drums puts it all in perspective. As described by the artist's impression of the album, Flashmob is "illustrated here as a result of an intruder perturbating a stable environment."

Official Video by DIY & Brillantine (2009)

Further Listening:
Official Webpage
Official Myspace

Two Fingers, Justice

Saturday, September 25, 2010

FTRK #11 = "Bangers and Mash" by Radiohead

Bangers and Mash - Radiohead (2008)

Bangers and Mash is a B-Side to Radiohead's In Rainbows (on the limited edition version). The song opens with an incredible bass riff and a heaping mass of snare. Thom Yorke's vocals coat them with a dark laquer while the guitar boils it from the inside. Midway, Thom suddenly pulls the listener into a deep dreary state... perhaps to signify a loss of conscious? The train of thought derailed from the tracks? Or maybe its just the result of headbanging to its high intensity beat for three minutes.

Official Recording from "The Basement" (2008)

Further Listening:
Green Plastic (Fan Site)

Friday, September 24, 2010

FTRK #10 = "Hama" by Boris

Hama - Boris (1998) (Download .mp3)

Boris is a metal band of many subgenres, ranging from Doom Metal to Stoner Rock. I've even seen them live playing a sort of ambient metal, with their signature loud sound. Hama could be considered the most mean song in their arsenal. It begins with several ominous clicks, before grinding into the sloshy guitar riff, and after a rhythmic drum solo, a repeat of the guitar with a darker quality. Their voices sound legitimate in comparison to many other metal groups, and the song shows it. Better yet, they hail from Japan. Among the rest of the badass tracks on Amplifier Worship, Hama is certainly worth listening to.

Further Listening:
Official Myspace Page

Recommended: Rob Zombie, Nadja

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NWSL #3 = General Updates and Such...

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out the blog recently! We've reached about 150 views over the course of 11 days. Success!

A music player has been added to the site that takes direct download links and creates a playlist of them. Try pressing play on one of the download links. If you're curious as to where we get our music from, all our songs are recycled from official and unofficial hostings of the track, in direct download form for your enjoyment. As a disclaimer, if you are the owner to the rights of the music and wish to take any songs down, simply contact us and we will provide you with the link to the source and, if necessary, we will take it down from our site.

We're presently working to offer more downloadable content and videos, so our visitors will get the most out of their experience on this site. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to email me at oil-sound@live.co.uk at any time. Likewise, if you want to recommend a band or song, you can drop a sample in the Soundcloud dropbox on the left.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

STRK #2 = "Cog Off" by Tetris Hold'Em

Cog Off - Tetris Hold'Em (2006) (Download .mp3)

Essentually on the same path as the previous featured track, Tetris Hold'Em works with two Gameboy Advanced SP's, Drummachine, and a program called Nano 2.1/2.2. Generally, their best tracks have only been performed live. However, they still have several gems such as Cog Off on their disjointed album, The Classics. The track is an 8-bit iDM psychadelic trip, fast paced and complex. A true headbanger.

Further Listening:
Official 8bitcollective Page
Official MySpace Page

Reccomendations: One Infinite Loop, Aphex Twin

Band suggested by "Big Brother"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FTRK #9 = "Snakes" by One Infinite Loop

Snakes - One Infinite Loop (2010)
(Free Download on Soundcloud Player)

At first listen, One Infinite Loop sounded like a modded Atari 2600 to the sound of classic IDM. The buzzes, cracks, beeps, clicks and boops the song makes is obviously minimalistic and abstract beyond the concept of mainstream music. I've had many friends and some family members complain to me about how aggravating the sounds were. But to me, they're very relaxing. To hear out and feel the texture of sound at its base feels beautiful, and One Infinite Loop certainly does this well. The music was composed on iElectribe, an app available for the iPad through Korg. The Soundcloud website offers free downloads of the rest of the album under a Creative Commons share-alike license.

Further Listening:
Official Soundcloud Website

Recommended: Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada

FTRK #8 = "Fur Lined" by How To Destroy Angels

Fur Lined - How To Destroy Angels (2010) (Download .mp3)

Fur Lined is a soft, catchy song off How To Destroy Angels' latest self-titled EP. Trent Reznor brings in a familiar sound from Nine Inch Nails; a sharp, coarse electronic body supports the light but strong voice of his wife. The drum beat brings life to the music, and the guitar acts like a supporting voice. Their EP can be downloaded for free through their website (listed below), and is highly recommended.

Further Listening:
Official Website, Free EP Download
Nine Inch Nails Official Website

Recommended: Nine Inch Nails, Portishead

Sunday, September 19, 2010

FTRK #7 = "Call It A Ritual" by Wolf Parade

Call It A Ritual - Wolf Parade (2008) (Download .mp3)

Call it a Ritual is certainly an avant-garde song. It incorporates a baroque piano riff that works with the delicate vocals to create a very unique piece. The guitar and bass make the sound significantly stronger. The song is featured on the album, At Mount Zoomer, and collectively creates an unusual, but certainly artistic tone.

Further Listening:
Official Label Website
Official Myspace Page
Unofficial Fansite

Recommendations: Handsome Furs

Thursday, September 16, 2010

STRK #1 = "Resonant Chamber" by Animusic

Resonant Chamber - Animusic (2005) (Download .mp3 or Video in 480p)

Animusic is a group that creates digital representations of music that they compose. Personally, I find that the digital imaging is certainly their strong suit. However, of all the music I managed to hear samples of, Resonant Chamber stood out as the most listenable track. The song comes from the Animusic 2 DVD, and features several stringed instruments playing an absorbing piece. The song is dominated by arpeggi and moves through several changes of pace before finishing off where it began, in a formal, elegant atmosphere.

Official Video by Animusic, 2005.

Further listening:
Animusic Website

Suggestion made by Nucleose.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NWSL #2 = For your information...

...there's a music dropbox on the right panel. The one with the little cloud. Click it if you'd like to send me some track suggestions. Now, you don't have to be a member of soundcloud to use it. Just feel free to do it whenever.

The reason I want to point this out is that, as soon as I recieve some interesting sounds over there, I plan to review them and post them here in addition the regular featured tracks list.

Another thing: Chances are, I will not do the album reviews that I planned to earlier, unless the album itself is supposed to be a continous track (example: Godspeed You! Black Emperor).

Anyways, I hope that the very few of you who are reading these posts enjoy the content! Feel free to comment anywhere, simply by clicking the post title and commenting in the space below it.

FTRK #6 = "Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph" by Flying Lotus

Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph - Flying Lotus (2010) (Download .mp3)

Welcome to Flying Lotus. A precussional introduction leads to an atmosphere that you'd likely find at a relaxed house party in the cool light of a full moon. The track almost plays perfectly in sync with the rest of the music on the Cosmogramma, creating something like a journey through sound. However, with the smooth jazz guitar riffs, piano, and occasional synth "zaps", Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph is certainly a standout track.

Further Listening:
Flying Lotus on MySpace

Flying Lotus will release their Pattern+Grid World EP September 21st.

Monday, September 13, 2010

FTRK #5 = "Blue Skin" by Neurotic Mass Movement

Blue Skin - Neurotic Mass Movement (2008)

Blue Skin is a downcast, alternative rock song, one of three songs publicly released by Neurotic Mass Movement. It sounds similar to The Cure in their more downcast recordings, featuring soft but formal vocals. The guitar riff seems to draw in a dense fog looking over a lake. When I hear this, I feel as if I'm walking down a boardwalk in fall, and with the added mist, a cloud of thoughts and recollections.

Official Video by Fritz Stolberg, 2008.

Neurotic Mass Movement recently published a webcast of a conceptual album being recorded in studio. It's excellent, passionate, etc...
Check it out!

Further Listening:
Official Blogspot Website
Official MySpace Website

Recommended: Portishead.

FTRK #4 = "Summertime Clothes" by Animal Collective

Summertime Clothes (Bearhug) - Animal Collective (2010)

Summertime Clothes is a delirious, bass-heavy single off of Animal Collective's latest album, Merriweather Post Pavilion. Panda Bear, the lead singer of the band, creates a warm, warbled presence amist the dominant whirrs of the synth. The kick produces the song's heartbeat, full of excitement and power. And the strange thing is, amidst the depth of sound in the piece, it seems so simple and energenic.

Official Video directed by Danny Perez, 2010.

Further Listening:
Unofficial Animal Collective Library
Official Animal Collective Website

Sunday, September 12, 2010

NWSL #1 = Welcome to OIL Sound

Welcome to OIL Sound.

My goal here is to produce a fountain of dense, rich sounds to others. I was inspired by Altered Zones and several other music blog sites drifting about the web to create a blog to deliver exhilirating noise sourced from my findings.

As OIL is just budding in the music blog industry, of sorts, there will be the occasional tweaks here in there in post format. We expect to start by releasing information and sound in the following categories:

FTRK - Featured Tracks
FALB - Featured Albums
NWSL - Newsletter

We are also looking into developing the design of the site. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at oil-sound@live.co.uk

As we develop, we may introduce more and more varieties. Stay tuned. ;)

FTRK #3 = "Rain Of Astronauts" by Valeskja Valcav

Rain of Astronauts - Valeskja Valcav (2010)

Valeskja Valcav is a fairly new goth-industrial band originating in France. Rain of Astronauts (from their EP, Rosa Winkel) Is glazed with a layer of dissonant synth, seemingly being pulled apart by the course vocals. The depth the song seems to create a sense of gravity and depth in a compelling manner, and the second voice of synth illustrates the image of meteors (Astronauts? A space shuttle?) burning up while entering a foreign atmosphere. The band has recently been featured on Altered Zones, a subsidiary of Pitchfork.com.

Further Listening:
Valeskja Valcav on MySpace
Altered Zones

FTRK #2 = "Goin' Out West" by Tom Waits

Goin' Out West - Tom Waits (1992) (Download .mp3)

Released back in 1992 on the Bone Machine album, the song is Tom's experiment in the "rock" genre. You can basically sum up the song with the word "Testosterone". That said, it certainly would be a great song to hit the road with. It opens with cool riff you'd expect out of a western scene. The entrance of the precussion illustrates the pub scene during business hours and who could it be but the local bigshot walking in? With his raspy, but textured voice, Tom delivers the soundtrack for dangerous men with "the devil on a leash".

Official Music Video by Jesse Dylan, 1992.

Further Listening:

Recommended: Nick Cave.

FTRK #1 = "Esther's" by Amon Tobin

Esther's - Amon Tobin (2007) (Download .mp3)

My brother introduced me to Amon Tobin about 2 months ago while I was meandering through his music library. He was quite new to music, really, having about 12 artists in his library... but what a gem was it to find this! Esther's is a track from "The Foley Room", and consists of samples taken from motor bike growls, among many other noises collected outside the studio. A piano begins to play a chorus, following an engine starting. Steam, pumping, throttle, and the chorus seems to be drowning with its wavering sound. And the engine returns witha shot of nitrous.

Official Video by Charles De Meyer, 2010.

Further Listening:

Recommended: Aphex Twin.